"To Walk The Extra Mile To Create Masterpieces Empowered By Excellence, Innovation, And Passion."
At Silver, we draw endless energy and zeal from our vision of sculpting masterpieces which are unique and distinctive in character. We believe that to create something extra ordinary, we have to walk an extra mile and do all that it takes.

We promise to enhance the experience for our stakeholders at every point of contact. Innovation in design, process and execution has now seamlessly integrated in our thought process.
We understand that people don’t only buy spaces but they associate space with priceless emotions and create lifelong memories. Our efforts are driven towards offering an above par excellence and an unmatched value. The Silver culture and tradition has a ‘no compromising’ approach as its foundation.
Every person or company associated with us becomes a part of the Silver family. With great pride and humility, we have established a name for ourselves, but we will always continue to perform better and go the extra mile in everything we do.



  • We follow a 'no compromise' attitude
  • The culture at Silver has always instilled a spirit of passion and sense of achievement in the organization
  • We believe in adding value in every task we take up and have a compelling desire to continually improve and succeed


  • We emphasize on establishing long lasting relationships with our stakeholders and creating a win-win situation for all
  • We value and respect every individual within and outside our organization
  • We are willing to walk an extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction


  • With every project, we work towards developing a novel approach and thinking out of the box
  • We implement the best of practices from across the world, and strive to innovate in each and every aspect of business, making each step better than the last
  • We believe that continuous innovation and application of cutting edge technology can lead to sustainable development


  • We encourage a sense of ownership amongst the team and empower them to bring out their full potential
  • We inspire and enable people to be adaptable to achieve high expectations and set challenging goals with a positive approach
  • We believe that its always team efforts that lead to a quantum leap


  • We are strongly driven to perform beyond excellence and strive to achieve perfection
  • We focus on using the best of systems, processes and technologies to deliver the best quality and deliver before time
  • We work towards the fulfilling the aspirations of all those associated with us
  • "With a proven track record and international expertise in IT services TCS has always used innovations to deliver unique customer experience. Being a client of Metropolis, Silver has helped us understand the distinctive concepts and efforts in terms of functional and efficient planning, contemporary aesthetics, state of the art amenities and infrastructure which makes it a truly international IT Park."

    Mr. Kabir Lumba, Executive Director
    The Consultancy Services
  • "Our store ideology is fresh feeling, fresh attitude and fresh fashion. We believe fashion is a perishable commodity and it must be replaced every 6 to 8 weeks. City Centre at Goregaon is its only futuristic Mall which attracts young trendy shoppers and the ambiance provided by silver ensures fresh approach to the needs of all our customers."

    Mr Sanjeev Agarwal, Retailer
    Citi Centre
    DURAL SYSTEM Glazing Contaractor
    The Consultancy Services
  • "The first corporate condominium – a concept that combines the buzz and warmth of Indian corporate with the modernity and efficiency of a condominium – was created at Landmark. With its unique design and intelligent space efficiency, it instantly connected with the L&T employees. Seven years later Landmark is still a star address for L&T corporate office."

    Mr. A. Ramkrishnan
    ECC Construction,
    Larsen & Toubro
  • "The Silver court is 'a flagship residential tower.' This is the first building I have encountered which has well planned pillars and beams to provide maximum free space to the owners. The location is very premium and its unique elevation makes us feel proud."

    Mr. T. N. Balsubramium
    Silver Court
  • "We feel proud to be a part of 'Silver' in their vendor list because it is a client oriented developer with professional and healthy management. Although they are most demanding among all the other developers we work with, the end result makes us feel proud as it increases our credibility in the industry."

    Mr. Manoj Sarakar, MD
    DURAL SYSTEM Glazing Contaractor
    The Consultancy Services