Management Team

Mukesh Mehta

A man of exemplary vision and enterprise, Mr. Mukesh Mehta is the founder and chairman of Silver Group. The genesis of Silver Group dates back to 1980s when Mr. Mehta started his journey in the real estate development industry. Construction has been his natural inclination and given the interest, passion and drive he had for his work, he soon gained the expertise to start his first construction project in 1986. Thriving on the path to success, this business visionary brought to Mumbai its first mall- the famed Citi Centre Mall in 1988, at a time when the city had not yet experienced the retail revolution.
Being a double graduate in commerce and law coupled with his fascination towards architecture, Mukesh Mehta forayed into the real estate segment with a dream to transform the Mumbai landscape. It is under Mr. Mehta’s mentorship and able leadership that the company has emerged as a distinct and acclaimed player in the real estate industry. His undying fervor, commitment, and continuous improvement has brought forth a culture of excellence that is ingrained within every person he works with and every stakeholder he deals with.
Mr. Mukesh Mehta is a perfectionist which is echoed in planning, designing and execution of all his projects. He is known for his integrity, principles, and values. For him, a plot of land personifies temple and for him work truly means worship. His passion, perseverance, and endurance has made him a stalwart in this challenging industry. The dynamic founder inspires and encourages his team to put in the same level of dedication, attention to detail and spirit of excellence with which he started the organization. His vision is to line up the city with many more landmarks and venture in to the making the vision 2022- housing for all possible.

Nancy Mehta

Mrs. Nancy Mehta Gothi, an Associate Director of Silver Group, is an MBA by qualification and has been the driving force of the organization. Taking over her father’s reins in early 2000s, she joined the organization at a young age and infused the company’s operations with dynamism and a professional approach. Her keen business acumen and her go-getter zeal have helped the organization explore several new avenues of business. She now fore runs the company with a strong backbone of her father, Mr. Mukesh Mehta.
As a passionate, ambitious and highly motivated woman, Nancy inspires her team with fresh and innovative ideas and inculcates her vision into the blood of the company. Her ardent approach and multi tasking abilities have galvanized and streamlined all the functions and functioning of Silver Group and have developed a forward looking business outlook within her team. Mrs. Mehta Gothi is a workaholic and believe that incessant evolvement through innovation and responsiveness to consumer needs will lead to sustainable development building masterpieces in the expedition. She places strong emphasis on creating meaningful spaces as opposed to superfluous wasteful additions in the name of luxury.
Under her leadership, Silver Group has taken on a new birth and has charted out a new road of growth for itself. Her exceptional vigor, enthusiasm, and methodical way of working infuse a new energy into the company.

  • "With a proven track record and international expertise in IT services TCS has always used innovations to deliver unique customer experience. Being a client of Metropolis, Silver has helped us understand the distinctive concepts and efforts in terms of functional and efficient planning, contemporary aesthetics, state of the art amenities and infrastructure which makes it a truly international IT Park."

    Mr. Kabir Lumba, Executive Director
    The Consultancy Services
  • "Our store ideology is fresh feeling, fresh attitude and fresh fashion. We believe fashion is a perishable commodity and it must be replaced every 6 to 8 weeks. City Centre at Goregaon is its only futuristic Mall which attracts young trendy shoppers and the ambiance provided by silver ensures fresh approach to the needs of all our customers."

    Mr Sanjeev Agarwal, Retailer
    Citi Centre
    DURAL SYSTEM Glazing Contaractor
    The Consultancy Services
  • "The first corporate condominium – a concept that combines the buzz and warmth of Indian corporate with the modernity and efficiency of a condominium – was created at Landmark. With its unique design and intelligent space efficiency, it instantly connected with the L&T employees. Seven years later Landmark is still a star address for L&T corporate office."

    Mr. A. Ramkrishnan
    ECC Construction,
    Larsen & Toubro
  • "The Silver court is 'a flagship residential tower.' This is the first building I have encountered which has well planned pillars and beams to provide maximum free space to the owners. The location is very premium and its unique elevation makes us feel proud."

    Mr. T. N. Balsubramium
    Silver Court
  • "We feel proud to be a part of 'Silver' in their vendor list because it is a client oriented developer with professional and healthy management. Although they are most demanding among all the other developers we work with, the end result makes us feel proud as it increases our credibility in the industry."

    Mr. Manoj Sarakar, MD
    DURAL SYSTEM Glazing Contaractor
    The Consultancy Services